Law Firm Accounting Services

Houston Law Firm Accounting

SHEILA R. JOHNSON, CPA, LLC is experienced in all aspects of accounting for law firms including bookkeeping services, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, and tax planning. We're a qualified and respected Houston, TX CPA firm and we work hard to build an enduring relationship with each one of our clients in the legal industry.

No matter what size legal practice they own, it doesn't make financial sense for lawyers to handle their own accounting and bookkeeping. If a sole proprietor spends time on his books he's losing an opportunity to work with a client for billable hours. For larger law firms, the time and expense of managing an on-site accounting staff is still more costly and much more difficult than outsourcing the accounting to us. We'll gladly oversee your finances, so you're free to devote more time working with clients and increasing revenues for your firm. When your accounting processes are in our hands, you'll still be in control of your money because we'll supply usable financial data to help you monitor expenses and regulate cash flow.

Outsourced Accounting for Lawyers

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping functions to us is convenient and economical for law firms in any specialty. Request a consultation online now or call us at 281-412-9865 to learn more.